10 million LTU on iTunes U downloads

La Trobe University courses on iTunes U reach more than ten times the number of ‘on campus’ students. Subject ‘The Roman World’ has more than 100,000 subscribers.

The ColosseumLa Trobe University made an impressive debut into digital online market this year, with thirteen courses made freely available on iTunes U. These courses ranged on topics covering children’s literature, physics, sports economics and ancient history, and have received a worldwide audience of more than 325,000 subscribers.

‘The fact that we have had 100,000 subscribers to the Ancient Rome subject reminds us of the astonishing international interest in the Classical world,’ says Professor Christopher Mackie, instructor in two iTunes U courses and Head of Historical and European Studies. ‘It also reminds us of the power of the internet, and its capacity to deliver quality educational offerings to a world-wide market.’

La Trobe University podcasts and videos have had more than 10 million downloads since launching on iTunes U in October 2009. Five of their courses are currently in the top 50, amongst worldwide providers such as TED, Yale and Harvard University.

La Trobe University is well-regarded content provider on iTunes U, with content regularly promoted on the global page of iTunes U.

‘I’m delighted that La Trobe University continues to be a leader in Australia in online digital education. This fits seamlessly with our recently released Future Ready Strategic Plan,’ says Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor John Rosenberg. ‘La Trobe University’s presence on iTunes U this year has been incredibly successful, and we intend to build on it into the future.‘

‘We are very proud of the quality of the offerings that we have put on iTunesU, and the very positive responses to them. We have had many email messages from around the world thanking us for the subjects, Many people want to continue their association with La Trobe University by accessing new offerings in 2013.’

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