20 Jun 2011Podiatry support crucial to prevent falls

Risk of falling in older people topples by 36 per cent

17 Jun 2011Student group fundraiser for Autism and Multiple Sclerosis

Student fundraiser to help cope with Autism and find cure for MS

16 Jun 2011Global impact of Victorian bushfires

Volcanic smoke not alone at stratospheric heights

16 Jun 2011Students get a world-wide lesson in city planning

Students learn how to accomodate Aussie population growth

16 Jun 2011Volcanic smoke not alone at stratospheric heights

Study reveals impact of Victorian bushfires on global climate science

15 Jun 2011New insight into Dispute Resolution Law

Australia’s leading voice in Dispute Resolution Law releases new works

15 Jun 2011New reproductive laws still discriminatory

Unnecessarily stressful and bureaucratic police checks criticized

09 Jun 2011Merits of the Schwab AFL plan

Research identifies season structure that optimises bums on seats

08 Jun 2011La Trobe mooting team makes final rounds

The School of Law has again made the finals of international competiti

07 Jun 2011Laurens Tan in Bendigo

The exhibition will conclude on Sunday with a floor talk by the artist

06 Jun 2011Awards night a great success

Prize winners and families celebrate academic achievements

03 Jun 2011Caffeine the hallucinogen?

Five coffees a day or more increases the tendency to hallucinate

02 Jun 2011Free uni courses reach all walks of life

The Melbourne Free University was founded by three La Trobe scholars.

02 Jun 2011La Trobe champions student success

La Trobe’s low SES and regional students thrive

02 Jun 2011PhD graduate uncovers Mildura’s history

The first comprehensive historical study of the founding of Mildura

01 Jun 2011Thesis Eleven events begin

International Festival of Ideas exposes the media, don't miss out

30 May 2011School sex education a yawning gap

Secondary school teachers need more training in sexuality education

30 May 2011Plea to save disability system

Federal Government shouldn't ignore Productivity Commission’s report

27 May 2011La Trobe Australian History Collection

Podcast series scores worldwide success on iTunesU

27 May 2011Sports betting puts youngsters at risk

The risks of sports betting are measured on the young

27 May 2011Student mentor supports young scientists

La Trobe In2Science mentor helps with school biodiversity project

25 May 2011New research findings

The search for sexual pleasure and the risk of HIV infection

25 May 2011La Trobe raises world leaders

From Students to Ambassadors: La Trobe Raises World Leaders

25 May 2011FBEL achieves prestigious EPAS accreditation

FLM programs awarded top international accreditation: EPAS

25 May 2011Graduation day in Mildura

Regional schools set to benefit from new PhD graduate

25 May 2011From Alice Springs and Hobart to Bendigo

Photojournalism symposium and American Dreams Exhibition is success

24 May 2011Law should work for innovation

Conference on Intellectual Property in the global digital era

23 May 2011Ideas & Society: Does Wikileaks matter?

Panel of leading thinkers discuss the issues at the Wheeler Centre

23 May 2011The Naked Love Theory

Dr James Giles theorises on the evolution of human hairlessness

19 May 2011Albury-Wodonga students lead the way

Members of the infinity Leadership Program organised seminar

19 May 2011"Knights" or "Knaves"

‘Tribal’ obstetric culture affecting safety of mothers and babies

19 May 2011First recipients of SARRAH scholarships

Occupational therapy students receive generous health scholarships

19 May 2011ALBOE: A Little Bit of Everything

Student group gives five for kids

17 May 2011Bridging Program fosters return to study

Preparatory program helps prospective students transform their lives

18 May 2011Need to address IT graduates shortage

IT Cadetships given tick of approval in fight to keep talent in region

17 May 2011PhD student Robyn Sampson presents study

There are alternatives to immigration detention

16 May 2011Jump-start your university studies

Get help to organise a mid-year entry or plan for 2012 courses

16 May 2011CSIRO scholarship awarded to PhD student

Annaleise Klein's research in blue-green algae secured the scholarship

13 May 2011La Trobe celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight

University hosts Fair Trade panel discussion fo Fair Trade fortnigt

12 May 2011Celebrating International Nurses Day

Simulation celebrations for nursing students

11 May 2011Federal Budget and Higher Education

Making a real difference in regional Victoria and Melbourne's North

11 May 2011Behind the Curtain: Knowledge is Power

Local government as battleground over right to make informed choices

11 May 2011Raising the profile of science and maths

Partnerships to encourage students to study science and maths

11 May 2011Law graduate receives Chief Justice honour

School of Law student recognised for academic and community excellence

10 May 2011Financial results show solid progress

Operating surplus for 2010: La Trobe's AA-rating affirmed

06 May 20112011 Dean's Lecture in Bendigo

Dean’s lecture will look deep into the universe

06 May 2011La Trobe addresses gender gaps

Leadership roles for woman on the University agenda

05 May 2011Courtney Boyd wins $45,000 scholarship

$45,000 scholarship makes La Trobe student’s dreams come true

03 May 2011University achieves 11% energy decrease

First step in Responsible Future as La Trobe achieves reductions

03 May 2011Graduations more than piece of paper

Chancellor Adriane Clarke AC speaks at Bendigo graduations

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