Uni Bridges Orientation

An innovative curriculum and pathways partnerships between Bendigo Senior Secondary College and La Trobe University Bendigo has provided a unique “Bridge” to University for 21 BSSC students. 

Students from Bendigo Senior Secondary College analyse yeast cultures in one of La Trobe Universities labParticipating students will attend La Trobe University for an orientation session as part of their transition Week on Thursday Dec 1.  They will do a microscopy practical looking at yeast cells with Dr Sabine Wilkens.  Students will also be attending a short lecture regarding scientific experiments and ethics with Dr Michelle Gibson.

The students have enrolled in a project based VCE program that when successfully completed will involve a pathway into La Trobe University through an alternative entry scheme that does not directly involve the ATAR.

This program allows access to the facilities at La Trobe University’s Bendigo and Bundoora Campuses.  Students will visit these campuses regularly during the year to perform science practical sessions, use the computer labs, visit health science training laboratories and attend lectures.

The overall theme of the UniBridges program is ‘Curing Disease’ and the first project will be based around leukaemia.

The Uni Bridges program will provide direct entry pathways into Science and Health Sciences at La Trobe University.

Students will commence their two year program in 2012 at the end of which they will have the opportunity to obtain an early offer to Science and Health Science courses at La Trobe University in Bendigo and Bundoora.



BSSC: Cherie Fist Ph 4408 6225 (direct line)

La Trobe University:Sabine Wilkens   Ph 5444 7370 
                              Tom O’Callaghan   M 0408 900 469