The asylum seeker crisis: where to now?

It divided the nation, the highest court in the land from the body politic – and now promises political stalemate in a way rarely seen before….

asylum seekersThe question is ‘The asylum seeker crisis: Where to now?’

To provide insight into some possible directions, La Trobe University’s ‘Ideas and Society Program’ on Wednesday 5 October will bring together three key Australians who have made their mark in pressing for more humane solutions in this polarised debate.

They are David Marr, Senior journalist, Sydney Morning Herald, co-author of Dark Victory; David Manne, Director, Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre, leader of the recent successful High Court action; and Dr David Corlett, Presenter of the SBS series, Go Back to Where You Came From.

The session will be chaired by Professor Sandy Gifford, Director of La Trobe’s Refugee Research Centre. It will be held from 11am to 12.30pm at the John Scott Meeting House, on the main Melbourne campus at Bundoora.

‘Ideas and Society’ organiser, Professor of Politics Robert Manne, says asylum seeker policy is in crisis – with Australia rapidly reaching a political stalemate.
‘The High Court has decided that the Gillard Government’s “Malaysia Solution” is unlawful. It has also called into question the legality of offshore processing in general,’ he says.

‘The Gillard Government has suggested an amendment to the Migration Act to make both the Malaysian Solution and offshore processing lawful. The Abbott Opposition has rejected the amendments on the ground that the Malaysian Solution is inhumane.

‘So we are proud to offer the community a rare chance hear from three such renowned experts at the one forum on one of the key questions facing the nation at this time.’

Where:  John Scott Meeting House, La Trobe University, Melbourne campus, Bundoora.

When:  11am to 12.30pm Wednesday 5 October 2011