Synchrotron science leadership

Synchrotron science leadership

11 Feb 2011

Dr Andrew Peele, Head of La Trobe University’s Physics X-Ray Science group, has been appointed the new Head of Science at the Australian Synchrotron.

Andrew PeeleThe secondment was announced jointly this week by the Acting Director of the Australian Synchrotron, Dr George Borg, and La Trobe University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Tim Brown.

Dr Borg said the appointment came at an exciting time in the Australian Synchrotron’s development as it plans to expand its scientific capabilities. 

As an investigator on grants totalling more than $25 million, Dr Peele has significant experience in team management and science administration.

He has previously been the Victorian Branch Chair of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) and Co-Chair of the AIP Congress.  He also has extensive experience in synchrotron science having published more than 80 refereed articles.

Dr Peele said the Australian Synchrotron is a state of the art scientific research facility which provides access to cutting edge X- ray and infra-red techniques.

Its work is essential to the development of many industries, including biotechnology and nanotechnology, as well as more traditional industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining and telecommunications.

Dr Peele said by synchrotron standards the science facility was still very young and its credentials and performance were first class.

‘It has supported the research needs of more than 2,000 domestic and international scientists since its opening in 2007 and continues to run its existing beamlines (research stations) at better than 99 percent per cent reliability,’ said Dr Peele.

‘The Australian Synchrotron has realised its aims in establishing its first suite of beamlines covering research techniques ranging from imaging and medical therapy to powder diffraction, but it must grow to continue to provide Australian and international researchers with access to a world-class science and research facility.’

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