Student TV series 'Real' hits Channel 31

Real-TV-standardEpisode three, airing on Christmas Eve at 9 pm, features Meaghan Crozier’s ‘What a Drag’ documentary – telling the story of two Melbourne-based drag queens.

Former La Trobe media studies student Meaghan Crozier was the floor manager for episodes one, three and five of Real, and directed the ‘What a Drag’ documentary for episode three of the series. 

Episode three, ‘identity,’ explores identity in the realm of ‘community love and loss’.

The documentary tells the story of two Melbourne-based drag queens – interviewing them as their everyday selves, Michael and Daren, before showing the process they go through to transform into their alter egos.  

‘Getting to know Michael and Daren and then watching their transition really gave us some insight into their lives and their motivation behind performing in drag,’ Meaghan said.

Megan’s work on the TV series has increased her attraction to the industry, where she would eventually like to pursue script writing.

‘I'd never directed before, so this new way of communicating combined with the different dynamics of working with a 'crew' was a learning curve for me – I had to learn how to communicate the vision I had in my head so it could convert to the screen.  I learnt a new level of professionalism and skills that will translate well into the industry,’ Meaghan said.

Creative arts student Kilani Fisher successfully auditioned to host the series where she is regularly joined by senior lecturer Dr Gabrielle Murray to discuss the work that is presented in each episode.

‘I learnt so many small technical things hosting Real, responding to the floor manager – not the producer in the control room, being able to multi-task when interviewing Gabrielle – being aware of the time but at the same time listening to what is being said to mentally prepare questions,’ Kilani said.

La Trobe media production lecturer, Angie Black, said the students had the chance to organise themselves into the best production team for the series, each pitching their ideas, with the best chosen by their peers to run through to production.

‘The students had the opportunity to develop their organisational, creative and team work skills in the production of Real – drawing on established strengths and creating new ones,’ Angie said.

‘The biggest thing that I have taken away from the series is an even stronger passion for working in the industry – this is really what I want to do.  It’s such a team environment, you really appreciate the people involved after the first day of filming!’ Kalani said.

Real screens at 9 pm on Channel 31 for six weeks from Saturday 10 December.  ‘What a Drag’ appears on episode 3, on Saturday 24 December at 9 pm.  Each episode is repeated on the following Wednesday at 1.30 am.


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