Student group fundraiser for Autism and Multiple Sclerosis

A La Trobe University student group, intimately affected by Autism and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is organising a fundraising trivia night. The Spotlight for a Night event, which is being organized through the La Trobe Infinity Leadership Program, aims to raise awareness and money for the two common illnesses.

Daniel Giles, Abhishek Awasthi and Mel Delves discuss their project at Bendigo CampusStudents Daniel Giles, Mel Delves and Caz Zuluaga are hoping to raise up to $4000 for the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation and Alpha Autism.

Ms Zuluaga’s father has been afflicted with the disease for just under 20 years.

‘I have been involved in previous fun runs for MS, however a recent goal has been to raise awareness about the need to provide money that supports furthering research in the hope of finding a cure,’ she says.

Daniel Giles, who has Autism, said that it is important to give back to the community.

‘I have had a great deal of support to assist me in living with the difficulties of an Autism Spectrum Disorder’, and I have a passion for promoting a better future for people with Autism and other disabilities such as MS.

’It is important that I give back to other people living with disabilities, not only through spreading awareness of it but also contributing much needed funds to organisations that assist people with disabilities,’ says Mr Giles.

The students are organising the night as part of La Trobe University’s Infinity Leadership Program Action Project. This voluntary program encourages  students to develop skills outside of the classroom.

‘The Infinity Program gives me an opportunity to network with professionals who know about the business side of things,’ says Ms Zuluaga.

‘I am taking part in the program because I want to increase my networks for professional development as well as gain knowledge on how to help the community.’

After spending the first half of the year learning from local business and community leaders, students have now split up into groups and are organizing their own events.

‘At the Bendigo Campus we have three groups working on radically different projects,’ said Project Coordinator and Student Engagement Officer, Abhi Awasthi.

‘As well as Spotlight for a Night, we have a networking event for students called Arts Ongoing, which aims to introduce arts students to La Trobe alumni’.

‘For Spotlight for a Night the challenge is planning an event on the scale that they plan to,’ he says.

‘Greater community awareness about the Spotlight for a Night event would be helpful,’ says Ms Delves.

‘The response we have received from the community so far has been great, Powercor is officially sponsoring the event, with about half a dozen other organizations offering support in terms of donations, but more support is always welcome,’ she adds.

Currently Powercor Australia, Stratagem Financial Group, Drake International and Haven Home Safe are sponsoring the event.

If organizations wish to donate or sponsor the event they can contact Daniel Giles at

To find out about the Infinity Leadership Program, enquiries can be directed to Mr Awasthi at



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