Pharmacy student group suprise pay out

When a group of La Trobe University students heard that the Bendigo Special Developmental School’s (BSDS) was seeking funds for a sensory garden they decided to rally for the cause.

Back (left to right): Ryan Pope, Julie Hommelhoff (Principal). Front (left to right): Kayla Stills, Travis Zammit, Sabine Musk and Rawan Tawil (Chair of the BAPS Pharmacy Ball Organizing Committee)The Bendigo Association of Pharmacy Students (BAPS) spent the year raising funds and they are delighted with the result.

‘This has been the culmination of a lot of work,’ said Rawan Tawil, Chair of the BAPS Pharmacy Ball Organising Committee.

‘We held BBQs at Bunnings and Hume and Iser, bake sales at uni, chocolate drives and we shook tins around the pubs in Bendigo. We also held a silent auction at our annual pharmacy ball.

‘We were very pleased with the final amount, and we believe that the staff and students at the Bendigo Special Developmental School will be too.

‘We are holding off telling them how much we raised until we present the cheque to them on Friday 27 October. We want it to be a surprise’ she added.

Bendigo SDS estimates that the sensory garden would cost between $250,000 and $350,000. Any money that is raised will go towards Stage A of the development.

‘It is extremely important that our students have access to these kinds of opportunities. Sensory development is a key area of our curriculum because it is important that our children know all about themselves and where they are in their surrounding environment,’ said BSDS Principal, Julie Hommelhoff.

‘A sensory garden would enable students to use all five of their senses in a teaching and learning capacity outside of the classroom,’ added Ms Hommelhoff.


Note: Ms Tawil and BAPS president Hannah Soon presented a check for $5480 to the Bendigo Special Developmental School at a school assembly on Friday 27 October.

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About BAPS

The Bendigo Association of Pharmacy Students is a not-for-profit student association, based at Bendigo Campus of La Trobe University.

The Bendigo Association of Pharmacy Students (BAPS) was set up in 2000.  BAPS represents approximately 160 of the 250 Pharmacy students at La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus.  The aims of BAPS are to link current students with the outside professional environment and to help students to network between year levels.

About Bendigo Special Developmental School

The Bendigo Special Developmental School provides education programs for school aged students with a moderate to severe intellectual disability, who reside in the Bendigo region, extending to Kyneton, Wedderburn, Castlemaine, Maldon and Heathcote.  The current enrolment is 134 students. The school is located centrally in Kangaroo Flat (which is a new school building, completed in August 2006) allowing students ready access to community facilities.

This school is committed to respecting the dignity of the individual and providing students with disabilities with maximum opportunity to extend their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development in a safe, happy and positive environment.