Options sought for Beechworth campus

Options sought for Beechworth campus

15 Feb 2011

La Trobe University is looking at options for the future of its Hotel and Conference Centre at Beechworth.

Beechworth campus 

A decision was made this week by the University Council, proposing the closure of the Hotel and Conference Centre at Beechworth and the divestment of the campus.

Council’s final acceptance of the strategy is subject to consultation with key stakeholders and consideration of their feedback.

Professor Hal Swerissen, Pro Vice Chancellor (Regional), said: ‘We have started the process of consultation by informing our Beechworth staff, the union and the Indigo Shire Council of this decision.

‘We are serious about guiding our Beechworth facilities towards a viable future, as well as looking after staff who are currently employed.’

Professor Swerissen said the decision had not been made lightly.

‘These decisions are never easy however as a tertiary educational institution our main aim and responsibility is to nurture and support a range of high-quality research and teaching programs that benefit the community,’ he said.

‘If the divestment strategy is approved at the next meeting of the University Council, the first step will be a process of community consultation to address the issue of access to, and public use of, the Heritage Precinct of the Campus.

‘It is a special and historic place and understandably the community will want to know what is likely to happen.’

Professor Swerissen stressed that the University will be looking for input from the community about the future of the famous site and in the meantime community feedback can be sent to the university via an email address given below.

La Trobe University currently employs eleven staff at Beechworth plus a number of casuals.

The university purchased the former Mayday Hills Hospital in 1996. The site comprises over 100 hectares and, with its heritage gardens and has many classified buildings dating back to the 1860s.

The primary focus of the campus in its early days was for hospitality students. Today there are no more students studying at the Beechworth facilities.

Community feedback regarding the proposed divestment strategy can be sent communityfeedback@latrobe.edu.au

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