La Trobe postgrads feature in festival

Art lovers have a rare opportunity to invest in art by emerging artists at two locations in the Castlemaine State Festival that feature the works of 18 postgraduate students at La Trobe University.

castlemaine-artd-fest-stdThe artists have used a wide range of mediums including painting, ceramics, installation, mixed media, photography and sculpture in the 64 pieces on show.

A new range of frocks by ceramicist, Suzie O’Shea form part of the exhibition in Dudley Cottage at 122 Duke Street, Wesley Hill.

Ms O’Shea work is inspired by a quote from Gloria Steinem: It was as if the female spirit were a garden that had grown beneath the shadows of barriers for so long that it kept growing in the same pattern, even after some of the barriers were gone.                                                   

‘The genre of female clothing wears my creative expression to embody the issues women still need to find a voice for, so as to not remain hidden,’ said Ms O’Shea


Denise James is one of the artists exhibiting at Lot 19, Langslow Street, Castlemaine.  Her works are an eclectic mix of rusted metals, shards of ceramic crockery and many glass bottles that have been transformed into treasures.


‘As a result of the recent rains, some parts of the dried creek bed on our place filled with water. Over a short period the water evaporated and I could walk in the creek bed, I found a treasure of rusted metals, shards of ceramic crockery and many glass bottles that the rain had washed to the surface,’ Ms James said.


‘I have changed these bottles from their original purpose, into relics, by wrapping each bottle with rice paper, tying the paper with fine linen thread, frottaging (art technique) the detail on some, then arranging the vessels into a pyramid format and installing the bottles into a gallery space.  


‘By this process of re-contextualisation I will pay homage to the people that lived on the property prior to my family’ Ms James said.


The exhibitions run until 4pm on Sunday 10 April.


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