La Trobe course well represented

La Trobe course well represented

22 Nov 2010

Six La Trobe University graduates and one current student are standing as candidates for the Bendigo East and Bendigo West and the Northern Region electorates in this week’s state election.

PoliticsPolitics lecturer, Mr Ian Tulloch said this is the first time in the history of the Bendigo campus that such a high number of former students are represented in the state’s political arena. All seven have studied politics at La Trobe’s Bendigo campus.

‘It’s fantastic to see so many of our students standing for upper and lower house seats in the region,’ Mr Tulloch said.

Mr Tulloch said that it is the best students of politics that are driven to pursue political careers.

‘It is usually the most dedicated and brightest students that take an interest in politics and put themselves forward as candidates and it’s up to the party to then preselect them,’ said Mr Tulloch.

Mr Tulloch cites La Trobe University alumna, Jacinta Allan, as the youngest ever female to be elected to the Victorian parliament as well as the youngest ever female minister.

He said current student, Martin Ireland, is the Liberal candidate competing for a seat in the Legislative Council against former students, David Jones, the Greens lead candidate, and Shaun Rosaia, representing Labor.

Greens candidate, La Trobe graduate, Tim Bardsley, is standing for Bendigo East against sitting member, Jacinta Allan.

Former students Maree Edwards (Labor) and Sandra Caddy (DLP) go head to head in the challenge for Bendigo West.

‘I’m delighted that the La Trobe course has played a role in inspiring these great candidates to vie for a political career and wish them well in their endeavours,’ Mr Tulloch said.

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