La Trobe addresses gender gaps

La Trobe aims for gender equality in senior academic and professional positions

science1_stdLa Trobe University has more women in senior academic roles than the average Australian University according to La Trobe’s inaugural sustainability report Responsible Futures released in April, but falls behind when it comes to woman in professional positions.

The report showed that 37% of academic staff at Professor Level were female in 2010, well above the Universities Australia mean of 31%.  The trend continued at Associate Professor Level with females occupying 37% of positions. Well above the nationally stipulated 2010 targets of 25%.

Encouraged by the results, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability) Professor Carol Adams said the University was heading in the right direction but still had work to do.

‘That La Trobe is ahead of the national mean for woman in senior academic roles is a great place to start but the results also show there are still significantly fewer woman working in these roles than men. We’ve set targets in Responsible Futures to increase the number for all senior female academic roles to 50% by the year 2020 and believe this is achievable.’

Responsible Futures also uncovered the poor number of woman in management positions at La Trobe during 2010, who numbered only 40%, a significant contrast from 2010 Universities Australia target means of 50%.

‘This remains a concern to the University,’ said Professor Adams. ‘For example, only 14% of the Planning and Resources Committee, which provides strategic and operational advice to the Vice-Chancellor were women in 2010. This means the University is lacking a strong female voice when it comes to strategy, so to counter this we’ve set targets to increase the number of senior professional female staff to 50% by 2015.’

La Trobe’s Responsible Futures is the first GRI compliant externally assured sustainability report released by a University worldwide.  It provides an honest and transparent look at the University’s social, environmental and economic footprint and includes sustainable targets La Trobe is required to meet in the future.

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