Experts debate the latest in finance

Experts debate the latest in finance

19 Apr 2011

World experts will gather in Melbourne from 27 to 29 April to debate the latest issues affecting finance and corporate governance. 

mic and crowdThey will attend the 2nd Finance and Corporate Governance Conference hosted by La Trobe University’s Graduate School of Management. Forty nine PhD students from seven countries are participating in the PhD inaugural Symposium and thirty three of them are presenting their work.
High on the agenda are two sessions on Friday 29 April focusing on The Basel III regulatory reforms and the Federal Government’s Stronger Super.

Professor Geoffrey Durden, Head of La Trobe’s Graduate School of Management said the conference was timely.

‘2011 has already seen many issues about finance and corporate governance hotly debated with many new reforms on the horizon including the Basel lll and changes to superannuation,’ he said.

‘The conference is an ideal forum to debate the impacts and have the chance to hear directly from world leaders,’ he added.

The Basel lll reforms are likely to have significant impact upon banks including more, and better quality, capital; new liquidity requirements; and changes to the risk weights applied to various assets and bank activities.

Among the issues to be debated are whether the Australian solution to a shortage of government debt will meet forthcoming liquidity requirements, will the changes lead to a growth of shadow banking and how will the impact on Australian banks compare with that of overseas.

Super after Cooper will consider how Australia’s reforms compare with overseas best practice, will there be cost savings and is the industry gearing itself for a lower return investment environment.

Keynote speakers for the conference include:

  • Professor Ronald Masulis, one of the foremost authorities in the field of Corporate Finance, and an expert on corporate governance issues,
  • Professor Thomas Hellmann (University of British Columbia), the founder of the NBER Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp, which teaches PhD students about the frontiers of entrepreneurship economics and entrepreneurial finance
  • Tom Smith, Professor of Finance, School of Finance and Applied Statistics, College of Business and Economics at the ANU and
  • Professor Philip Brown who currently holds joint professorial appointments in accounting and   finance at The University of New South Wales and The University of Western Australia.

The conference is a major component of the La Trobe Graduate School of Management’s work to implement the UN backed principles for responsible management eduction.

It is being held in conjunction with Auckland University of Technology, Queensland University of Technology, Victoria University of Wellington, Macquarie University, the Australian Centre for Financial Studies and Social science Research Network.

The conference is at the RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street.

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