Exhibition explores interaction with nature

Exhibition explores interaction with nature

18 Aug 2011

An art exhibition by two La Trobe University honours students will explore how we interact with nature and environmental processes.

Visual Arts students Elisa Stone and Ann Berg will display works in the exhibition that focus on – and were created with – natural elements.

‘Lately my work has been focusing around the effects of water,’ said Ms Stone. ‘For example, I have been taking slips of light sensitive paper and placing them in rivers and lakes at night. I then use a flash light to bring out the textures and patterns of the waves.’

This process creates a photogram. A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera. Objects are placed directly onto the surface of photo-sensitive material (such as photographic paper) and are then exposed it to light.

‘Photograms allow me to “trace the outlines” of water,’ said Ms Stone. ‘I am interested to see how people read and interpret those outlines.

Ann Berg’s work aims to draw attention to the human body and its intrinsic relationship with nature.

‘The questions underpinning my work are concerned with if and how an art object can portray the unseen links between the body and the ecology of the natural landscape from which it is formed.’ 

Ms Berg used a mixture of conventional and nonconventional artistic techniques to create her pieces. As well as using paint and prints, she soaked materials in a local creek. She buried or burnt others.

The exhibition, entitled After the Fact, will be opened on Friday 19 August at 6 pm by Stephen Turpie, Lecture in Painting and Drawing at La Trobe University at Allan’s Walk Bendigo.

It will run until the 27 August. The venue is open 11.00 am to 5.00 pm Wednesday to Friday; and 11.00 am to 2.00 pm on Saturday.




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