David Tacey's new book launch

David Tacey's new book launch

04 Feb 2011

Associate Professor David Tacey’s twelfth book, Gods and Diseases, will be launched at La Trobe University’s Melbourne campus Co-op Bookshop Thursday 10 February at 4pm. 

David TaceyLaunched by Senior Lecturer in the School of Public Health, Dr Bruce Rumford, the book focuses on finding meaning in a postmodern world. Professor Tacey views this as a milestone in his research and is proud to see his work reach bookshelves around Australia. 

‘This book encompasses 20 years of research across several different fields. Reason, logic and medical science simply cannot resolve so many of today’s serious problems, we can all see that the available solutions are not effective,’ Dr Tacey says.

Gods and Diseases comes at a time when the number of Australians suffering from mental health conditions is rising dramatically.  The University’s counselling centre has revealed that 1 out of 5 students suffer from a mental illness. Alcohol and drug addictions, phobias, allergies, as well as severe social and family dysfunction are among the issues people deal with everyday.  

‘In this book I explore new approaches to medicine and disease. There is a chapter on depression and suicide as it is prevalent in many societies. We naturally do not find security from these issues in material goods; spiritual security is innate,’ says Dr Tacey.

Modern society has invited us to seek a false security in the material world and this has amounted to a shift in the course of civilization. We seek material security, but naturally we do not find it and cannot find it, since the search is self-defeating. But the longing for real – that is, spiritual – security is innate and this search continues despite the contrary impulses of society. Without true security we fall prey to nervous disorders, obsessions and illnesses. It seems that if we fail to care for the needs of the soul, we pay a price at both individual and collective levels. – pg 225.
Media Opportunity

Venue: La Trobe University’s Melbourne Campus
The Co-op Bookshop, in the Agora (university centre),
When: Thursday 10 February 4pm

: Anna Rotar, Sales and Events Coordinator, arotar@coop-bookshop.com.au

David Tacey is available for interview, please contact

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Harper Collins Australia
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E Jane.Finemore@harpercollins.com.au 

Meghan Lodwick
La Trobe University Communications Officer
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