'Gay cure' app is bent says expert

'Gay cure' app is bent says expert

30 Mar 2011

The recent controversy over the Apple App from Exodus Ministries that aimed to "help those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction and live a life congruent with biblical teaching" represents the struggle that is happening in the Christian church over the control of young people's bodies and minds. 

iPhone Dr Lynne Hillier from La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) says same sex attraction is a normal part of the spectrum of human sexual attraction and this is endorsed by all western psychiatric and psychological organisations.

‘We also know that homophobic beliefs such as those promulgated by this app are used to justify the abuse, neglect, humiliation and in some cases physical assault of same sex attracted youth,’ she says.
Dr Hillier believes the thinking behind this application denies the rights of same sex attracted young people to love, relationships, happiness and even safety because it fuels homophobic abuse.

‘The words “help those who are struggling” can be read as “abuse those who don't agree with us”. It is another example of homosexual hatred and bigotry that should be a thing of the past and most self-respecting Christian organisations have left that thinking behind long ago,’ she says.
Dr Hiller says it is a shame that it took 150,000 signatures to remove a hateful app that should not have been available in the first place.

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