Civil rights movement book released

Historians Professor Timothy Minchin and Emeritus Professor John Salmond have co-written a new book, which looks at developments after the civil rights movement in the Southern states of America, and the ongoing struggle for black equality.

martin-lkTitled 'After the Dream: Black and White Southerners since 1965', it focuses on a time they believe has had little attention.

“We felt that the period after 1965 was one that deserved more attention,” says Professor Minchin. “In 1964 and 1965 the Federal Congress passed legislation that addressed goals that the civil rights movement had been trying to achieve for decades prior to 1965. Our idea was to write a book together that looked at the implementation of that legislation, in the decades after 1965.”

“I was always interested in the civil rights movement, and had written on it in the past,” says Professor Salmond. “Tim had also written on aspects of the implementation of the Civil Rights Act, particularly in areas of employment. It seemed to us that it was a good fit that we could come together.”

“I had been at graduate school in the American South at Duke University in North Carolina throughout the early 1960s, just as the civil rights movement was quickening. It was hard not to be touched by it and not to get involved in certain ways, and in particular, not to be influenced by the iconic figure that Martin Luther King was becoming. I was lucky enough on August 28th 1963 to be at the march in Washington at the Lincoln Memorial when King spoke so soaringly about his dream. It really had a profound affect on me which stayed with me throughout my working life.”

Professor Minchin and Professor Salmond have also collaborated on an eight part podcast series on the subject. With more 18,000 downloads combined, it has had a popular presence on La Trobe on iTunes U during Black History Month.

The book is available now from the University Press of Kentucky

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