Charlie Sheen and addiction

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol on a daily basis can lead to sustained cognition impairment, a problem that shows itself when people reach their late 30s and 40s. Many don’t realise that alcohol abuse can lead to a brain injury says Martin Jackson director of La Trobe University’s Psychology Clinic.

man-drinking_std‘Males who consume at least eight standard alcoholic drinks a day, equivalent to one bottle of wine, over many years, are highly likely to have impaired thinking skills including difficulty learning from their mistakes and solving problems.  It is bound to catch up with them and the problem is very easy to dismiss,’ he says.

‘Charlie Sheen is already showing signs of being unable to control his alcohol intake and all the typical signs of developing a more serious brain injury; with his resistance to any form of change as the public have witnessed his breakdown in relationships, losing his contract for Two and a Half Men and placing the blame on everyone else,’ says Martin who also chairs the ‘Alcohol related brain injury Australian services’ (arbias).

Bendigo academic Dr Anna Kokavec says the person with the alcohol addiction is the last one to think it is a problem.  Her recent study on red wine suggests that it’s not as healthy for regular consumption as people are commonly told and that all forms of alcohol be treated as illicit drugs when misused.

‘Alcohol is thought to be relatively safe, but it is still a “drug” and the negative effects of alcohol on personal, social and work relationships can be quite devastating, as we can see with a judge’s orders to remove Charlie Sheen’s sons from his home,’ she says.

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