Centre for Dialogue annual lecture

Is the world increasingly favouring the East over the West? Is China replacing the United States as leader on the world stage? Are we witnessing a power shift?

Centre for DialogueThese questions will be at the heart of the 2011 Annual Lecture presented by La Trobe University’s Centre for Dialogue on Thursday 1 September in association with St Michael’s Church, Collins Street.

To be delivered by Professor Michael Cox, Professor of International Relations and Director of IDEAS Centre for the Study of Diplomacy and Strategy at the London School of Economics, the lecture will consider the future shape of the world order and whether the West is declining.

This reassessment by one of the world’s leading experts is a timely one, coming twenty years after the end of the Cold war and ten years after the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Professor Cox will argue that throughout history the international order has been shaped by the overwhelming military and economic superiority of the West but the world is not static and nothing lasts for ever under conditions of globalisation.

Professor Cox will examine the viewpoints of new century economists such as Danny Quah and Jim O'Neill and geopolitical thinkers such as Niall Ferguson and Paul Kennedy in a lecture that will be both intellectually stimulating and globally significant.

These economists and thinkers argue that the Western world is losing its privileged position as new actors, most notably but not only in Asia, begin to assert themselves.

Professor Cox will take a contrary view, arguing that a power shift is not taking place, and that if one is, that it has yet to be proven. His perspective is that even with the emergence of China as the second largest economy in the world, the United States remains the world’s largest economic and military power and still deploys a considerable amount of soft power throughout the world.

La Trobe University Centre for Dialogue 2011 Annual lecture
Decline of the West-Power Shift? Reality, Myths and Economists

Delivered by Professor Michael Cox
, Chair in International Relations at the London School of Economics with an introduction and closing remarks by Dr Francis Macnab AM - Executive Minister of St Michael’s and Prof Joseph A Camilleri - Director, Centre for Dialogue

Date: Thursday 1 September 2011
Time: 7.15 pm
Where: St Michael’s Uniting Church, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne
Free but RSVPs are essential by 26 August.

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Professor Michael Cox
has held appointments at prestigious universities throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. He was appointed to a Chair in International Relations at the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2003. He is also Chair of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) and is Director of the Cold War Studies Centre and IDEAS, a Centre for the Study of Diplomacy and Strategy at the LSE. Professor Cox has twice been appointed a Research Fellow at the Nobel Institute in Oslo. Over the last twenty years, Professer Cox has spoken on a range of contemporary global issues, most recently focusing on US foreign policy, the role of the United States in the international economy, the rise of Asia, and the longer-term problems facing the European Union. He is the author, editor and co-editor of over twenty books and this year will release two volumes of his own writings on the Cold War, and US Foreign Policy.

The Centre for Dialogue is a major initiative of La Trobe University. The Centre is primarily committed to research but also education and training, policy development and community engagement focusing on the philosophy, method and practice of dialogue. The Centre’s Director, Professor Joseph Camilleri, is one of Australia’s leading International Relations scholars. With over 30 years’ experience, Professor Camilleri has pursued a wide range of research interests covering almost the entire gamut of the International Relations discipline.

Dr Francis Macnab AM is Executive Minister of St Michael’s Uniting Church and is an internationally renowned public speaker. Dr Macnab has published more than 25 books and is the founding Executive Director of the Cairnmillar Institute - a unique centre in Australia for the psychological treatment and prevention of emotional and psychological difficulties. When Dr Macnab began his ministry, the congregation totalled about 100 people. Today, St Michael’s is one of the largest city congregations in Australia.