Bugs, bugs and more bugs

The La Trobe University Department of Environmental Management and Ecology is holding an annual two day workshop at the Albury-Wodonga campus from Tuesday 8-9 February looking at the latest taxonomic research into local aquatic animals, including Brine shrimp, Stonefiles, Mayflies and Dipterans (two-winged insects).

MayflyParticipants have been encouraged to bring their own specimens to identify in the workshop and they will also have an opportunity to examine and trial a new resource publication to classify Dipterans families.

‘This workshop will bring experts, consultants and researchers together to share their knowledge of this important field and can get feedback before information goes to publication, it is of mutual benefit,’ says Associate Professor Phil Suter, Department of Environmental Management and Ecology, Albury-Wodonga.

This is the third taxonomy workshop and is a part of the Taxonomy Research and Information Network (TRIN) and aquatic insects and knowledge exchange projects designed to address critical gaps in the taxonomic knowledge of key Australian animals and plants.

Guest speakers at the workshop include Consultant Mr Chris Madden, specialising in aquatic dipterans, Taxonomist Dr Brian Timms, specialising in the brine shrimp, Post-Graduate student Ms Julia Mynott, focussing on Stoneflies and Mayfly specialist, Dr John Dean.

For photo opportunities or any further information on the workshop please contact:

Dr Phil Suter

T (02) 6024 9889
M 0428 146 320
E p.suter@latrobe.edu.au