Breastfeeding friendly workplace

La Trobe University has received re-accreditation as a breastfeeding friendly workplace from the Australian Breastfeeding Association until April 2012. 

breastThis recognition meets the Australian Breastfeeding Association criteria for creating a supportive environment for breastfeeding women in the workplace.

All six of La Trobe’s campuses have a special room equipped with a refrigerator, sink, baby change table and chair or bed to meet the needs of student and staff mothers continuing their work or study while breastfeeding.

Dr Lisa Amir of Mother & Child Health Research, La Trobe University, says ‘by supporting mothers to continue breastfeeding while working or studying, the university is showing leadership to the wider community.

‘The women who have access to these facilities appreciate the practical way the university is supporting their dual roles as mothers and members of the university.’

Many women return to full time or part time work or study after having their babies and many of these babies continue to be breastfed whilst their mothers work or study.

La Trobe supports and values the importance of having the time and space to provide food for their babies, whether this be by expressing milk or breastfeeding.

The University has received this accreditation since 2010 and continues to provide a breastfeeding friendly environment and has breastfeeding or parenting rooms to support mothers.

For information on breastfeeding and parenting on your campus refer to the Equality and Diversity Centre Website or contact

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