Behind the Curtain: Knowledge is Power

Behind the Curtain: Knowledge is Power

11 May 2011

LARRY GALBRAITH, senior policy advisor to the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, comes to Bendigo to talk about the challenges faced by local government in the 21st century, particularly in maintaining local democracy.

tug-of-war-and-stuffWith more than 30 years of experience in frontline politics and the media, Galbraith is promising to provide an illuminating look at the ever-widening gulf between the electorates’ right to make ‘informed’ choices, and state governments’ increasing demands that local governments be run as private corporations. 

Larry Galbraith began working with Clover Moore shortly after she was elected as an independent member of parliament for the seat of Bligh (now Sydney) in 1988. He was a key player in the team which supported Moore’s successful run for the Lord Mayorship in 2004 after a cynical manipulation of the city’s electoral boundaries by the NSW State Government went awry. Galbraith was also editor and lead writer for various influential local newspapers and magazines in the 1980s and 1990s.

Is a city council a quasi-parliament, or a corporation charged with the most efficient delivery of services? What does this mean for maintaining local democracy? Galbraith will speak on these questions and others at La Trobe Visual Arts Centre, 121 View Street, Bendigo on Wednesday May 18 at 6pm.

The event is the second in a program of seminars organised by La Trobe University, Bendigo titled BEHIND THE CURTAIN. One of the coordinators of the program, Dr Sofia Ahlberg, said that the series is "responding to the massive revolt against the conspiracy of silence and the proliferation of spin in recent times”. 

Speakers, both countercultural and establishment are being invited to explore the collapse of boundaries between private and public influences in the circulation of knowledge, and how it no longer can be contained by official channels in the digital age.



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