Behind the Curtain: Freedom's Undead

Behind the Curtain: Freedom's Undead

14 Apr 2011

Provocateur, independent filmmaker, and iconoclastic film festival curator from MUFF (The Melbourne Underground Film Festival) Richard Wolstencroft comes to Bendigo to speak on zombies, police, and censorship.


Richard-Wolstencroft-stdWith his 20 years of experience in film and media, Wolstencroft is mostly known for his defense of FREE Speech.

In February this year Wolstencroft was ordered by the Victorian Magistrates Court to pay $750.00 to Royal Children’s Hospital for breaching Australian Film Censorship laws by screening the Bruce LaBruce cult hit LA Zombies at MUFF in August 2010. At the time Richard described the screening as a ‘public disobedience freedom of speech event.’

Wolstencroft will speak on his screen practice at La Trobe Visual Arts Centre in View Street on Wednesday April 20 at 6pm. He will offer advice on low budget filmmaking and how to get your Indy film out there. He will also share his critique of the contemporary Australian film industry and suggest practical ways to improve it. The talk will be followed by wine, cheese and conversation.

The event is the first in a program of seminars organiSed by La Trobe University Bendigo titled BEHIND THE CURTAIN. One of the coordinators of the program, Dr Sofia Ahlberg, said that the series is ‘responding to the massive revolt against the conspiracy of silence and the proliferation of spin in recent times.’

Speakers, both countercultural and establishment, are being invited to explore the collapse of boundaries between private and public influences in the circulation of knowledge, and how it no longer can be contained by official channels in the digital age. Confirmed speakers for future seminars in the program include the Senior Policy Advisor to the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Larry Galbraith, and Dennis Altman, celebrated author of Homosexual Liberation and Oppression.



Media enquiries

Richard Wolstencroft, M 0417 103 451 E
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For further information on the program please contact Dr Sofia Ahlberg, Ph 03 5444 7243 E




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