Behind the Curtain: A Big Ben point of view

woman-with-chocolates-stdIn a continuation of the La Trobe University's Behind the Curtain program of seminars, Dr Emma Robertson newly appointed lecturer in History at the Bendigo Campus, will present a paper on  the story of the BBC World Service and the role it played in propagating British values as the Empire was unwound.

A Big Ben Point of View will lift the curtain on this fabled iconic service providing a fascinating insight into its hidden histories.

A Big Ben Point of View will be held at the La Trobe Visual Arts Centre, 121 View Street, Bendigo on Wednesday September 21 at 6pm. The program is free with refreshments after the seminar.

This presentation is part of program of series of a seminars organised by La Trobe University, Bendigo titled BEHIND THE CURTAIN. One of the coordinators of the program, Dr Sofia Ahlberg, said that the series is 'responding to the massive revolt against the conspiracy of silence and the proliferation of spin in recent times.'

Dr Emma Robertson joined La Trobe University's Department of Historical and European Studies in July 2011. She is a published author with Chocolate, Women and Empire published in 2010 by the Manchester University Press and Palgrave MacMillan.

Media enquiries

Dr Emma Robertson is available for interview. Phone 03 5444 7612

For further information on the program please contact Trevor Budge. Phone 03 5444 7230

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