'Ban the Bottle' day 2011

Ban the bottle Day'Ban the Bottle 2011 day' is an event set up by La Trobe Business and Public Health students to raise awareness of the harmful health and environmental effects of bottled water.
Australians consume well over 550 million litres of bottled water in a year! Of these plastic bottles ONLY 20% are recycled.

In Australia bottled water can account for 2 million tonnes of landfill every year. Bottled water is made from non biodegradable materials and therefore will survive in the environment for hundreds of years.

The plastic contains chemicals such as BPA and Phthalates, which migrate out from the plastic into the water in the bottle. This process intensifies the more a bottle is used. BPA and phthalates are known to cause hormone imbalances and have serious impacts upon women of child bearing age such as miscarriage etc. The chemicals are also linked to asthma, cancer and serious problems with the immune system.

So "Choose wisely and choose the tap!"

Join the 'Ban the Bottle 2011' day on Thursday October 6th to learn more and support the ban on bottled water at La Trobe.  The day will include petitions, prizes and more.

When: 11am - 2pm Thursday 6 Ocotber

Where: Agora, Melbourne Campus, La Trobe University

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