A way to boost tourism?

Victoria has 45 National Parks and 13 Marine parks. Recently a draft report was issued by the state government planning to overhaul restrictions for construction on these lands in order to market the state better as a tourism destination and increase revenue.

Great ocean road‘We should not be considering national parks as an economic resource. We must remember that previous generations preserved them so that we and people in the future could continue to enjoy them. If we yield to temptation and make poor decisions we can't easily put them back,’ says Dr Warwick Frost, School of Management at La Trobe University.

‘There is no guarantee that private operations on public land are profitable, many struggle,’ says Dr Frost. ‘Have we forgotten the debacle of Seal Rocks and the tens of millions of public money that was wasted there?’

‘There is a danger in rushing in and seeing this as a quick fix. It seems easy to blame national parks policies, they become a convenient scapegoat. What we need is a balanced and reasoned debate, with all stakeholders being allowed to participate,’ Dr Frost says.

Associate Professor in Tourism at La Trobe University, Dr Sue Beeton says there are untapped resources that should be looked into first. ‘I would like the report to address the unused tourism opportunities and potential in the other levels of parks rather than focusing on the national parks.’

Dr Warwick Frost and Dr Sue Beeton are available for media comment:

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Dr Sue Beeton

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