2011 Dean's Lecture in Bendigo

Internationally renowned scientist and CSIRO Director for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), Dr Brian Boyle, will talk about the world’s next science big project as part of the Dean’s Lecture series at the La Trobe University Bendigo campus on Wednesday 11 May.

telescopeThe Square Kilometre Array: From dark energy to green energy lecture will focus on the $2.5 billion SKA radio telescope which will be 50 times more sensitive and survey the sky 10,000 times faster than any existing telescope.

Dr Boyle will describe how the SKA will contribute to our knowledge in contemporary astrology and physics, as well as the challenges in information technology and renewable energy that constructing the telescope will put forward.

In this lecture, Dr Boyle will address the latest developments and provide key insight into how the project will significantly advance our understanding of the evolution of the universe. Australia and New Zealand have been shortlisted as one of two potential locations for the SKA.

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2011 Dean’s Lecture, The Square Kilometre Array: From dark energy to green energy

Dr Brian Boyle, CSIRO SKA Director

Circular Lecture Theatre La Trobe University – Bendigo campus
             Edwards Road, Flora Hill (enter via gate 4)
When: Wednesday 11 May 6:30pm

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