You really like us! La Trobe makes friends with over 10,000 fans!

You really like us! La Trobe makes friends with over 10,000 fans!

28 Oct 2010

La Trobe University has reached a social media milestone this week surpassing 10,000 fans, with students, future students, staff and alumni all joining to follow the University’s Facebook page.  With over 30,000 current students, the figure is almost 30% of the University’s student body.

Facebook page La Trobe’s Facebook page was launched in January 2008 quickly followed by Twitter, YouTube and iTunes University. Fans interact directly with University staff who provide daily updates of campus news, events, videos, photos and podcasts.
In February, La Trobe won a silver medal in the Web 2.0 College ‘Olympics’ run by and was the only non-US university in the top 50 ( placed 15th).
‘Our Facebook page is a hive of activity with a quarter of fans making contact at least once a month,’ said Professor John Rosenberg, Deputy Vice Chancellor, International and Development.
‘The number of interactions shows just how proactive the student body is and underscores La Trobe’s community minded nature. Our Facebook page is the social media glue in the La Trobe community,’ said Professor Rosenberg.
La Trobe’s first Australian University Lip Dub was posted on Facebook, receiving 50 interactions from fans whilst directing traffic to the YouTube clip, which has now had over 6,300 views. La Trobe on iTunes University recently surpassed 500,000 downloads of University podcasts in little less than a year.
‘The University has embraced social media to aid in communicating to staff, students and alumni and we are continually looking to be at the cutting edge in the way we use these tools,’ Professor Rosenberg added. 




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