Vision brightens, unites and inspires

A tired student lecture area has been revitalised thanks to the creative talent of La Trobe University students and their artistic mentor with the unveiling of 68  striking mural images.

MuralGuided by La Trobe lecturer Suzanne Fegan and artist Eolo Paul Bottaro, a group of 40 students known as the ‘The Collaborative Mural Group’ have been working on the project since late 2008.

Rather than designing one continuous mural, the project  is a series of smaller paintings that -cover  17  concrete pillars in the East Lecture Theatre undercroft, located in La Trobe’s Melbourne campus.

Ms Fegan says the mural has helped students explore their creativity within the University while reflecting issues that are important to them.  

'The mural has been designed around the theme of globalisation, because this is an issue which most people are aware of and are affected by', Ms Fegan says.

Ms Fegan praised the creative talent of students from different faculties that emerged in the design and painting process (none of the participants were trained visual arts students) and their ‘freshness of vision.’

‘It has been a truly collaborative project and a very dynamic process for everyone, with participants finding that they are much more creative than they first imagined,’

Ms Fegan says the cultural diversity of the team is a true reflection of the La Trobe community.

'The participants come from different places or have different language backgrounds, so it's a bit of a cultural melting pot as well as well as being thematically plural. It's like the mural has tapped into the zeitgeist of our time.'

'I think the project has contributed to overall social harmony on this campus in its own modest way.  Physically, the mural will also enliven the whole area around the East Lecture Theatre, and I hope it will also start conversations about some of the themes.'

The project has been made possible by a generous grant from the Equality and Diversity Centre at the Melbourne campus. The Mural was officially unveiled yesterday.

To arrange a photo or interview with Suzanne or any of the students, please call:

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Media and Communications Officer
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