15 minutes to fitness

Community experts from La Trobe University’s Faculty of Health Sciences reveal easy, sure-fire ways to improve your health in a new series.

Rick Hayes, a leading researcher on men's health from La Trobe’s School of Public Health has three tips that can improve your health in just 15 minutes a day. As an expert in this area, Rick often comments on matters relating to the social dimensions of men's health. He is currently researching Indigenous men’s health and men’s sheds with his research partner, Jack Bullman.

Here are Rick’s three simple and effective health tips. “Anyone can easily incorporate them into their workday,” he says.    

Three ways to improve your health in just 15 minutes a day:

1.    Spend 10 minutes outside your office each day. A short stroll will do wonders for your blood circulation and relieve stress at the same time. “Fresh air and exercise is vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” he says..

2.    Feeling tired? Always suffering from headaches? Drink more water! Fatigue or headaches are often signs of dehydration. Keep a water bottle on your desk or make a specific time to drink a glass of water every hour. “This will also help avoid potential harmful kidney problems later in life,” he says.

3.    Stay productive by taking regular short breaks. Socialise with your colleagues—take part in a short activity or talk about something that is not work related for a few minutes. Rick says, ‘it is a great stress buster and it will add years to your life!’

About our Community Health Series:
To promote better health within your community, this is the first in a series of health tips from La Trobe University’s Faculty of Health Science.
Some of Australia’s best health care professionals from a wide range of disciplines are taking part in this series providing regular health tips. Upcoming tips will be from the dentistry, podiatry, physiotherapy, social work, and public health fields. Experts are available for interview if you would like to pursue a topic further.

If you would like to ask Rick about his health tips or his research please contact: R.Hayes@latrobe.edu.au
Phone: (03) 9479 3290
For a schedule, photograph of experts and more information about regular health tips from La Trobe please contact:

Mikhaela Delahunty La Trobe University Media Officer on
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