Sustainability & La Trobe - Master Class public lecture series

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law and Management and Chair of La Trobe University’s Sustainability Taskforce, Professor Carol Adams will present a Master Class lecture series on Sustainability Performance Management and La Trobe’s sustainability journey.

Carol Adams

Sustainability and La Trobe University- Master Class Public Lecture Series

Where: 29 Deakin Avenue Mildura

When: Wednesday 12 May 6:00 pm

Professor Adams is a judge for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, Australia and New Zealand Sustainability Reporting Awards and an International Judge for the Malaysian Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.  She is a former Director and Council Member of AccountAbility.   

Her research is motivated by the desire to reduce negative environmental and social impacts on organisations in both public and private sectors focusing on:

•         Environmental management systems and their environmental impact.

•         The integration of sustainability performance data into decision making, 

           performance and risk management.

•         Internal sustainability reporting.

The lecture will focus on the importance of incorporating sustainable development and corporate responsibility in business, using La Trobe University’s sustainability journey as a case study.  it will cite examples of issues faced by the University and the challenges sustainable practices face in the future.

The Master Class seminar series will run between April until October, and feature guest lecturers discussing various aspects of their local, national and international experience in the business world.

The lecture will be followed by a question and answer section with Professor Adams

For more information or to arrange and interview please contact:

Rebecca Wells
T: 5051 4020