Students 'sublime' photography exhibition

Students 'sublime' photography exhibition

10 Jun 2010

La Trobe University’s 2010 graduating photography students have put their skills to the test to present a sublime exhibition of their works in Castlemaine.

Flower in Water‘As part of our final year studying photography and working as a group to put together an exhibition of our work, we have conceived the theme, produced and selected work, found funding and sponsorship, a great venue, developed advertising and publicity,’ said student, Emma Fitzgerald.

‘Now we have arrived at the point of opening our work to the eyes of the public who we hope will share in each individual’s understanding of “The Sublime”.

‘This exhibition will provide our group of emerging artists with curatorial experience and exposure to an audience in a location well known for its high profile on the cultural calendar,’ said Ms Fitzgerald.

The exhibition, entitled Sublime: A Photographic Exhibition, will be held in the classically elegant Castlemaine Market Building at 44 Mostyn St, Castlemaine.
Head of Visual Arts and Design, Dr James McArdle said the works are a personal interpretation by each student of their conception of the sublime.

‘The works in this show interpret the idea of the sublime with inventive variety, responding to the many historic meanings of the word which include noble, awe-inspiring, romantic, majestic, magnificent, glorious, divine, or out of this world,’ said Dr McArdle.

‘The contemporary idea of the sublime, which could be expressed as 'terrifyingly beautiful', fascinates artists as it encompasses alien, artificial and natural worlds, and elaborately imagined utopias and dystopias.’
Senior lecturer and head of photography, Julie Millowick said it was interesting to see the students’ expressions of the sublime.

‘Several of the artists in this show find it in landscape; as uncannily beautiful in Hayley's infrared photographs that reveal nature submerging suburbia; and as a kind of natural force as in the case of Hannah's transparent shifting forms of trees,’ Ms Millowick said.

‘Rohan reveals intriguing traces of human construction and reconstruction out of enveloping blankness in snowbound industrial spaces, while for Kim the landscape is a stage setting for the dynamics of human relationships.

‘The sublime can take the form of human appetites and carnal desire which shape the imagery of Cassandra's shoes and confectionary or Kate's conviction that Rock is God; or it comes in human shape as Sharon reveals in everyday people sharing their passions with others, or Bree discovers in incongruous human incidents and reactions.

‘Shaun discovers accidental art in the expressive traces, erasures and ciphers of rural street art. Under studio lights Emma's submerged floral forms become almost abstract, while in the dark Elisa builds photograms from prisms of ice,’ said Ms Millowick.
Sublime: A Photographic Exhibition will be opened by senior lecturer Julie Millowick on Thursday 17 June at 6pm and continues until 29June. Opening hours are 9am - 5pm every day.

Bree Brooks from Maldon
Kim Dixon from Bendigo
Emma Fitzgerald from Ballarat
Sharon Greenaway from Bendigo
Rohan Hutchinson from Melbourne
Hayley Kapperer from Echuca
Shaun Mackrell from Echuca
Cassandra Mann from Ballarat
Kate Michell from Bendigo
Hannah Presley from Alice Springs
Elisa Jayne Stone from Shepparton


What?    Official opening of Sublime: A Photographic Exhibition by senior lecturer and head of photography, Julie Millowick
When?        6pm, Thursday 17 June 2010
Where?             Castlemaine Market Building, 44 Mostyn St, Castlemaine.
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