Students' success celebrated

Students' success celebrated

25 Oct 2010

The inaugural Celebrate Student Success event took place on Wednesday 20th October, commencing at 5pm at the Three Monkey’s Tavern on the Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga.

Celebrating Students' SuccessStudents who have participated in La Trobe University’s three major Student Enrichment programs were acknowledged for their commitment to their extra-curricula activities.
The Student Career Mentoring Program, the La Trobe Award and the Infinity Leadership Program all contribute towards the further development of important knowledge and skills that students will be able to benefit from during their studies and their future careers.

The Infinity Leadership Program is for students and recent graduates of La Trobe University aspiring to leadership roles. It provides an opportunity for participants to utilise and develop their knowledge of leadership and to extend their skills and experiences by putting leadership into practice.

Students who volunteer (on or off-campus) are eligible to take part in the La Trobe Award, which formally recognises a student’s contribution to their community. Students are awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate depending on their level of commitment.

The Student Career Mentoring Program links recent graduates and students with La Trobe University, alumni, staff members and local industry professionals. Students gain personal insights from their mentors which assists them in their transition into the workforce.
These programs, available across all campuses of the University, are co-ordinated at the Albury-Wodonga campus by Christine Watson, the Student Engagement Officer.

'This is the first time we have had the pleasure of running three major University programs on this campus in the same year. Such programs reach a significant number of students, providing them with an opportunity to enrich their La Trobe experience.'

'The inaugural Celebrate Student Success event was a wonderful way for us to openly acknowledge the efforts students have put in outside of their academic studies, involving and benefiting the wider community,' said Ms Watson.

'Student Enrichment is committed to working with Albury-Wodonga staff and students to continue to offer opportunities for students that enhance their learning, develops their employability and helps build a strong campus community,' stated Ms Ngaere Blair, Director, Student Enrichment.

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