Master of Teaching students flex muscles

The 2010 Teaching & Learning Symposium, organised and delivered by students of the Master of Teaching (P-12), took place on October 5th and 6th.

Portraits of Master of Teaching (P-12) classThe free Symposium was hosted by the Faculty of Education at La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga campus, commencing 9.00am daily, and was of interest to educational professionals, parents and others who have an interest in what is happening in our schools.

The event incorporated presentations on contemporary educational practice and the emerging National Curriculum. Presentations were on a variety of topics, with a focus on the middle years of schooling.

The P-12 students were responsible for all aspects of the Symposium in the planning, organising, promoting and implementation phases. They were also required to present a paper on a contemporary teaching and learning issue, which is peer-assessed, thereby introducing the students to a further means of assessment that they might consider using in their own teaching.

During the two days, a number of students interacted online with fellow student teachers from the University of North Carolina, USA, who are interested in the curriculum that is used in Australian schools. Students also exhibited artwork and performance pieces which portrayed their educational journey during their first year of studies.

Keynote speakers included leading educators Kerrie Heenan (Whole School Principal, and recipient of the Public Service Medal for outstanding public service in curriculum innovation and educational leadership), Chris Beare (Middle Years Principal) and Warren Tofts (Early Years Principal) from The Lakes P-9 South Morang School , who challenged participants to think creatively about the role and impact of learning spaces in the learning process.

The student Art Exhibition was available for viewing from Tuesday 5th October in the David Mann Library.  Individual and group performances by students will commenced at 4.00pm, Wednesday 6th October.

According to a Master of Teaching (P-12) student, Tas Pilikas, “The Symposium gave us the opportunity to be involved in activities that are part of school life that we would be expected to participate in when teaching in a school. It gave us a real opportunity to be immersed in such an event. Each student took on a responsibility that  ensured the Symposium event ran smoothly - and everyone therefore shared in its success.” 

“The Teaching & Learning Symposium is an important learning event for our P-12 students, which doubles as an assessment task and also teaches them a variety of valuable teamwork and organisational skills,” stated Dr Kim Keamy, Academic Coordinator within the Faculty of Education (Albury-Wodonga campus).

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