La Trobe wins social media silver

La Trobe wins social media silver

15 Feb 2010

Only non-US university in top 50 in Web 2.0 College 'Olympics'

Melbourne's La Trobe University has been placed 15th in a US-based website's look at the top colleges and universities that are using social media in a creative way.

The site, helps American students in their college search, and according to its website, the editorial team spent weeks scouring the social media landscape to recognize 50 colleges, universities, and institutions.

The award, part of a Web 2.0 College Olympics recognizes the top social media innovators in higher education, and La Trobe came in at number 15, ahead of such venerable universities such as Harvard, Princeton and the University of Texas.

The citation for La Trobe’s award says as follows:

15. La Trobe University - This Australia school has a lively and random feed that includes lots of fun photos: Shots of La Trobe Uni from the 1970s, when it was safe to swim in the moat: And my personal fave: There is a baby doll doing a headstand on top of the statue of Charles La Trobe. Art or graffiti? Their Facebook page has close to 5,000 fans, and the school's educational designer blogs for EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit geared toward advancing higher education through IT.

La Trobe University has embraced social media as a tool for communicating to its 30,000 staff and students in big way. In August, it became the eighth Australian university to join iTunes University, part of the Apple Corporation ipod platform. La Trobe's podcasts and videocasts are very popular receiving thousands of downloads every day.

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