La Trobe gets a pulse check

La Trobe gets a pulse check

09 Sep 2010

La Trobe University will be launching free 15-minute, WorkHealth checks for employees on the 9th of September as part of the Victorian Government initiative.

StethescopeDelivered by WorkSafe Victoria, the WorkHealth program aims to support Victorian workers in improving their health by identifying risk factors related to common chronic diseases. By participating in the program, La Trobe is helping to create an environment where workers can support one another to achieve healthy goals.

The event will also formally launch the University’s Health and Wellbeing Program which will include online resources for staff.

‘We will be implementing an on-line health service with access to nutrition, exercise and general health information for staff at La Trobe,’ says Muyesser Durur, Executive Director, People and Culture.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Johnson, who was one of the first to sign up to the program, will provide the opening speech addressing how maintaining a healthy workplace impacts the wider population.

Also speaking will be WorkHealth Director, Pam Anders. More than 230,000 WorkHealth checks have been delivered across Victoria so far, and more than 11,000 businesses have now signed up to provide WorkHealth checks to their employees, Ms Anders says.

‘The fact is that most people don’t know if they’re at risk of these common chronic diseases. They may not be as healthy as they think and this could be impacting on their quality of life, including their performance and engagement at work,’ adds Ms Anders.

La Trobe University employees who take part in a WorkHealth check will be assessed for their risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

The 15 minute assessment includes cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and waist measurement tests performed by a trained healthcare professional. Participants fill out a lifestyle survey which assesses other contributing risk factors such as diet, smoking and physical activity.

Confidential results are provided on the spot, along with advice on healthy lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Over 190,000 Victorians have type 2 diabetes, with another 15,000 diagnosed with the disease every year. For every known case, there is another undiagnosed one. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Australia and accounts for 34 per cent of all deaths, which are largely preventable.

Next year, La Trobe University plans to extend the program to working students further promoting health awareness in a free and easily accessible way which will benefit the wellbeing among students and staff.

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