La Trobe Council meets in Mildura

La Trobe Council meets in Mildura

10 Sep 2010

La Trobe University has extended its commitment to regional Victoria, with plans for an extra 260 student places, additional staff and expanded course offerings at its Mildura campus.

multicultural students The University will unveil its new ‘Vision 2015’ strategy to staff and the local community and hold a special Council meeting on the Mildura campus on Monday 13 September.

Seventeen members of the University’s governing body, including its chairperson, leading educationist, Chancellor Sylvia Walton, will be in Mildura on that day. They will be hosted by Acting Campus Director, Neil Fettling.

Vice-Chancellor Paul Johnson said the plan strengthens La Trobe’s presence in Mildura.

‘We are here to stay – and to expand,’ he said. ‘Mildura is one of four La Trobe regional campuses that are making a real difference to regional education.

‘Currently we teach about 440 students in Mildura and carry out significant research, much of it related to the health of the Murray Darling rivers system.’

Professor Johnson said the University has also been a long-standing supporter of local cultural life as sponsor of the Mildura Arts and Writers festivals.

‘La Trobe,’ he added, ‘is well positioned to provide new educational opportunities in regional and rural areas, including people from low socio-economic status households, and from Indigenous communities. All these groups are significantly under-represented in higher education.’

Mr Fettling said the University already enjoys a strong relationship with local businesses and the community. ‘We look forward to expanding those links in the future.’

‘A new common first year in Health Science has already seen the introduction of occupational therapy and paramedics this year, and next year we will be adding physiotherapy, podiatry, and speech pathology,’ he said.

There are also plans for a new first year general science course and expansion of offerings in the field of education.

‘Our students,’ he said, ‘have a wide range of educational and work experience and come from all age groups. And the courses we offer cater for industry needs at regional, national and global levels.’

Chair of La Trobe’s Regional Advisory Board, Stefano de Pieri, welcomed the new strategic plan.  ‘Having a university in Mildura gives local students educational opportunities that they might not have had otherwise.’  

‘The new health science courses and planned general science on offer at the Mildura campus is of huge benefit, not only to local students who would like to study these disciplines, but also to the community as these professionals stay and work in the region,’ Mr de Pieri said.

Advisory Board member Vernon Knight, CEO of Mallee Family Care, will address University Council members on the relationship between La Trobe and Mallee Family Care.

Council members will also visit the Mildura Dulka Yuppata Koorie Cultural Centre, the Murray Darling Freshwater Laboratory, Sunraysia Institute of TAFE, Chaffey’s Rio Vista and Mildura Arts Centre, and the Art Vault.

•  La Trobe University is one of Australia’s leading higher education providers. It has been part of the Mildura community since the early 1990’s.  In 2003 it opened its $4.5 million Benetook Ave campus building, which also houses the Lower Basin Laboratory of the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre.

•  La Trobe’s ‘Vision 2015’ expands on directions set in 2008 and builds on what has been achieved to date.  It enshrines the University’s commitment to its regional mission, the wider public good and takes additional action to ensure La Trobe acts sustainably and ethically. It calls for a thirty per cent expansion of undergraduate numbers, the development of new entry pathways and a boost to international enrolments from just under 5,000 to 6,800.

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