Bob Brown, 11 Aug 12 noon at Union Hall

Bob Brown, 11 Aug 12 noon at Union Hall

04 Aug 2010

La Trobe University's 'Ideas & Society Program' will feature Greens' leader, Senator Bob Brown, as its speaker on Wednesday 11 August.

Bob BrownThe event is free and open to the public.  It will be held at 12 noon in Union Hall on the University’s Melbourne campus at Bundoora.

Senator Brown will speak on the coming federal election, his party’s attitude to the politics of climate change and asylum seekers, and the manner in which the Greens would use the balance of power in the Senate if that was achieved.

He has also agreed to discuss Australian politics and the role of the Greens with political commentator, Professor Robert Manne, Convenor of the Ideas & Society’s Program and Professor of Politics at La Trobe.

Professor Manne says the coming federal election will be one of the most important in recent Australian history. It will determine the role that the Greens will play in the Senate where they are likely to hold the balance of power.

Since the downfall of the Rudd Prime Ministership there has been widespread disillusionment with both the major parties.

'In particular,' says Professor Manne, 'there has been disillusionment with the failure of the major parties to offer voters a clearly differentiated alternative, to confront the vital issue of climate change, or to resist the populist temptation with regard to the arrival of asylum seeker boats.

'There seems to be a widespread recognition that with the dominance of political spin and  management of leaders by the party managers and machines, political independence, courage and new leadership are more necessary in Australia than ever before.

'In this atmosphere many Australians, to judge by recent opinion polls, are looking to the Greens for hope.'

The event will be chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University, Professor Paul Johnson.

● For further information, please contact Professor Robert Manne: or 03-9479-2114




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