Public transport in our region

Public transport in our region

01 Jun 2010

La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre, 121 View St Bendigo.
Tuesday 1 June 4.00-5.30pm.

Bus in street •    What are the future transport needs for this region?

•    Concerned that public transport is still a poor cousin in terms of policy and funding?

•    How will we cope in beyond peak oil and in a carbon constrained society?

Despite recent investment, public transport provision in regional cities and rural areas remains a limited option.

In areas with ageing populations, in isolated towns and in the growing suburbs of cities like Bendigo the provision of transport alternatives is essential from a social, economic and environmental perspective.

While the debate is often focussed on metropolitan Melbourne, the need to have a new look into public transport options and networks in our own region has never been more critical.

Recognising this, the Community Planning and Development Program at La
Trobe University Bendigo has organised a panel of expert speakers to offer
new perspectives and provoke fresh debate on public transport in our region.

Speakers include:

Paul Mees (RMIT University) is well known as an author, academic and critic
of current public transport policy. His most recent book Transport for
Suburbia: Beyond the Automobile Age offers evidence and fresh perspectives
to show the possibilities of public transport in low density cities and regions.

Tim Petersen is from the GAMUT research centre at the University of
Melbourne is investigating examples of integrated public transport in semirural
and rural regions of Switzerland, where commuters use public transport
for the journey to work at higher rates than in many of Australia's capital cities.

He is exploring how similar approaches might be applied to the fast-growingyet scattered communities of the Bellarine Peninsula. Tim is also Vice President of the Victorian Public Transport Users Association.

Imran Muhammad is lecturer in the planning programme at Massey
University in New Zealand, and has undertaken research into public transport
in Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan. He has recently completed research
projects for the New Zealand transport Agency (NZTA) investigating the
potential of public transport network planning in metropolitan cities of NZ
(Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) and attitudes and behaviour to public
transport in non-metropolitan cities of New Zealand.

For further information please contact Andrew Butt in the Community Planning and
Development Program at La Trobe University by email at or
by calling 5444 7819

For more information, please contact:

Mikhaela Delahunty,
Media and Communication Officer
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