Andrew Demetriou on football and life

Andrew Demetriou, AFL’s CEO, will reveal his views on the contribution that Aussie Rules makes to social and community life at La Trobe University on Thursday 5 August.

andrew-demetriouHe will be in conversation with Tim Lane, Channel 10 commentator, as part of the University’s Ideas and Society Program.
Professor Robert Manne, Professor of Politics and Convenor of the Ideas & Society Program, said he hoped that the conversation would bring to light what Mr Demetriou believes he has achieved since heading up the AFL and the challenges that still remain.
‘He is an outstanding administrator whose views rightly command wide respect. He is also one of the most influential people in Australia today given that Aussie Rules is a fixture in many of our lives.’
Professor Manne said that Tim Lane was the ideal person to tackle Andrew Demetriou on the issues of drugs and sex within Aussie Rules, why they continue to occur and the prospect of success in combating them.
‘Tim is one of the most thoughtful commentators of the game and has broad and liberal views that should encourage a rigorous and, perhaps, controversial discussion.’
Mr Demetriou is a graduate of La Trobe University who wears many hats including Chair of the Australian Government’s Multicultural Advisory Council.
The lunchtime session will include Mr Demetriou’s thoughts on the influence AFL has had on first and second generation Australians, and the importance now of strengthening a game that is uniquely Australian in a world of increasing globalisation and homogenisation.
Under his leadership there have been efforts in bringing indigenous players to the AFL and in offering praise for their remarkable achievements.
Professor Manne said that in many ways this leadership effort shows the role of Australian football in achieving what John Howard used to call ‘practical reconciliation.’
The Ideas and Society Program at La Trobe University, a regular series of lunchtime topical public seminars on debates of national or international importance. The Program has held a series of events over the past year focussing on topics as diverse as racism, climate change and Australian history. Eminent Australian thinkers such as Tim Flannery, Malcolm Fraser, and Marilyn Lake are among many who have participated.
Andrew Demetriou, CEO AFL, will be in conversation with Tim Lane, commentator, Channel 10 on Thursday 5 August from 12noon to 1.30pm at Union Hall, La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus. Melways: 573, F8
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