16 Dec 2009Abbott’s gaffe-prone image is pure BS

For a seasoned parliamentarian, Tony Abbott makes an awful lot of gaffes.

14 Dec 2009Sceptics find comfort in cost of change

Opinion is valued ahead of evidence in the debate on global warming.

30 Nov 2009Happy 70th birthday, Radio Australia

Let's hope the returns are happy...

30 Nov 2009All humans can contract AIDS

If the spread is to be halted, all other barriers need to fall.

25 Nov 2009Getting everyone to play nicely

Does funding elite sport drive grass-roots participation?

23 Nov 2009Winners and losers in Sri Lanka's long war

China played a crucial but little-known role in the long running civil war

23 Nov 2009Why is Cyprus still divided?

What can Cyprus teach us about conflict and resolution?

20 Nov 2009Why pharmacy's importance is growing

Pharmacists are the most trusted members of the community

14 Oct 2009Why health managers need more training

Australia's health care system requires more effective management

13 Oct 2009Obama's Nobel Prize controversy

Present in haste, repent at leisure. Prize raises questions.

05 Oct 2009In praise of Dan Brown

'The Lost Symbol' mightn't be well written... but does it matter?

01 Oct 2009Economists suck at forecasting. Discuss.

Economists predict, but do people ever listen?

30 Sep 2009Punished for being your self

What rights should a gay person be entitled to?

28 Sep 2009Past another turning point in history

Why the election of Obama may mark as a clear turning point

14 Sep 2009Inside footy’s ‘court’ room

What are AFL Tribunal hearings really about?

09 Sep 2009Punching above our weight?

Not every nation shares Australia's enthusiasm for all things Western

03 Sep 2009Silence on immigration raises fears

Policy needs mixture of leadership and frankness

21 Aug 2009Alternatives to urban water restrictions

Urban water restrictions do not occur simply because it does not rain

13 Aug 2009Benefits in user-pays driving

Why road charges varying by time, location and distance could work

12 Aug 2009Pregnancy has become a competitive sport

Being pregnant isn't about 'one-upping' others... is it?

11 Aug 2009Creating a real market for water

Regulations pour cold water on fair market arguments

05 Aug 2009Indian student issue a catalyst

Racism in Australia has been brought into focus by the student debate

28 Jul 2009Why health care reform is vital

Government's health care proposals present an opportunity

27 Jul 2009Politics comes before lights and camera

Controversies around film festivals may shock, but are not unexpected

22 Jul 2009Dinosaurs more than a bunch of old bones

Studying the fossil record could reveal the solution to climate change

22 Jul 2009Water restrictions are tough politics

With inconsistent regulations why do we need restrictions at all?

09 Jul 2009State plays with fire

Interference in the Bushfires Royal Commission can endanger lives

19 Jun 2009Bringing morality into finance

Global finance could learn something from Islamic banking practices

15 Jun 2009Lifting the veil on our ingrained racism

Racism clearly runs deep in Australia

15 Jun 2009New Deal for income protection?

The Federal Government's new income protection proposal falls short

03 Jun 2009Retelling truth – Balibo

The story of 5 journalists’ deaths at Balibo

29 May 2009Turnbull tax proposal has merit

Professor Clarke responds to Turnbull's tobacco tax proposals

22 May 2009Graffiti and the marks of culture

If graffiti is today's vandalism, why are older markings so compelling

29 Apr 2009Zealotry not in the public's interest

In supporting Plimer, newspapers are failing the climate debate

27 Apr 2009Remembering our shattered anzacs

Anzacs who returned injured from the wars are often forgotten

23 Apr 2009Lest we forget

OPINION: ANZAC commemorations should be kept in perspective

21 Apr 2009Social justice not a nano problem

OPINION: $3000 for the new 'Nano' car will have an environmental price

16 Apr 2009The end of the Putin era?

in Russia the basis of Putin’s “managed democracy” is under question

07 Apr 2009Making sense of North Korea's gambit

OPINION: North Korea's missile test launch is pushing the envelope

31 Mar 2009Climate refugees ruse in water debate

The government's use of 'climate change refugee' arguments is flawed

31 Mar 2009Intolerance in religious schools

Balance is needed between religious freedom and educational practices

27 Mar 2009We're just not that into it

Despite the sexual revolution, outdated gender stereotypes prevail

10 Mar 2009Carbon taxes and trade-exposed industries

The current approach to carbon-taxing needs to be rethought

09 Mar 2009Universities and competitive balance

Similarities between the university system and the economics of sports

19 Feb 2009Khatami in Melbourne

The leader of Iran’s reform movement has a radical way of thinking

16 Feb 2009Universities too slow to climate change

Universities need to update environmental sustainability practice

13 Feb 2009Charles Darwin: He told you so

Dr Alexis Harvey discusses the reception Darwin's theories receive

29 Jan 2009Are 'digital natives' a myth?

Chris Scanlon discusses the tech savvy generation

21 Jan 2009Nursing shortage cripples the regions

Amanda Kenny discusses the rural nursing crisis

07 Jan 2009Please Give Me Back My Two Dollars

Dr Liam Lenten talks about Australia's upcoming bid on the 2018 FIFA

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