Shepparton Students to tour Bordeaux, France

Shepparton Students to tour Bordeaux, France

04 Jun 2009

A tour through Bordeaux in France doesn’t sound like hard work, but that’s exactly what three La Trobe Shepparton students are gearing up for as they embark on a three week study tour through the region, where they will learn about Human Resource Management the French way. 

Bordeaux, France Shepparton students, Joshua Austin, Sheryl Morrissey and Scott Wikman will be leaving for France on the 5 July.

'It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to study overseas and access international education, industry and culture in their mid-year break. It will also provide them with another subject credited to their Bachelor of Business degree,' said La Trobe Shepparton’s Associate Head, Regional School of Business.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic approach to the management of an organisation's most valued assets - the people working there- who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

The students will be hosted in France by the BEM Management School, which is one of  country’s earliest Grandes Ecoles (or elite Universities).  

Scott Wikman says he decided to take part in the study tour because he wanted to get his own global perspective of HRM.  

'Seeing how HRM is practiced overseas is important for personal and professional growth. I often wonder about cultural differences- some countries have a real emphasis on work life balance, and I am interested to see how the France compares to Australia.'

Scott says that Australia has an international reputation for public holidays.

'Yet in reality we work very long hours- and we haven’t really embraced the notion of working at home,' he says.

'Recent newspaper articles suggest that Australian bosses don’t trust an employee will do the work unsupervised. So when I am in France, I hope to see how the ‘working-at-home’ concept operates.'

Scott says this program isn’t going to be a holiday.

'There are lectures and tutorials at the Bordeaux School of Management, and meetings with industry leaders and other organised tours.'

Commerce student and small business owner Sheryl Morrissey, is equally excited about the upcoming study tour of Bordeaux. She says that it was the opportunity to learn from international business leaders that inspired her to enrol in the subject.

'It will be a unique in-depth tour of Bordeaux, where we will learn directly from CEO’s of various companies.'

Sheryl says what she is learning in her La Trobe commerce degree is already helping improve her business.

'University teaches you how to think, how to research and learn quickly. It has given me a better understanding of what makes my business- Tactile Australia- tick, and it has taught me how to find information and implement it into my own strategies.'

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