Opportunity to see Philippine art

Opportunity to see Philippine art

06 Jul 2009

An exhibition of Philippine social realist artworks from Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, is now on display at LUMA, the La Trobe University Museum of Art, on the main Melbourne campus at Bundoora. 

philippine-art1 The exhibition - 'Fractions of an Intangible Whole: Philippine Social Realism in the Ateneo Art Gallery' - runs until 31 July.  

Vincent Alessi, Artistic Director, said: 'It is a wonderful opportunity to view an important collection of works from the Philippines that comment on the social and political mood of the Marcos and post-Marcos eras'.

Curator Clarissa Chikiamco explained that Philippine social realism in the '70s and '80s carried a strong historical narrative of the country's social and political conditions.  'It is necessary, however, to not confine the works to their historical associations and to find ways by which the works become animated in new meanings and find relevance in the present,' she said.

The exhibition includes works by senior Filipino artists, such as Pablo Baen Santos, Edgar Fernandez's and Lazaro Soriano (a past participant in the Asia Pacific Triennial) and leading young contemporary artist such as Yason Banal and Poklong Anading.   

The exhibition will be celebrated with an official reception on 22 July at 6pm. Guest speaker for the evening will be Raul V Hernandez, Consular General of the Philippines.

This year marks the ten year anniversary of research collaboration and student and staff exchanges between La Trobe University and Ateneo de Manila University.

The exhibition is part of the Arts Linkage Project established between the two Universities in 2007.

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