Intellectual disability roundtable focus

Intellectual disability roundtable focus

21 Oct 2009

What        4th Annual Roundtable on Intellectual Disability Policy
Where:     Institute of Advanced Study, La Trobe University
When:      9.30am to 4.00am, Friday 23 October 2009

Holding handsSpecialist disability services are beginning to make a difference in including people with intellectual disability in the community but there is still a way to go in ensuring their full participation.

According to Professor Christine Bigby, La Trobe’s School of Social Work and Social Policy, recent research in Victoria suggests that implementing policies for social participation requires greater clarity about its meanings, multiple strategies targeted at different parts of the social system and new forms of specialist disability services that can facilitate relationship building.

This Friday, 23 October, La Trobe University will host its annual roundtable on intellectual disability policy to discuss the issues and attempt to arrive at solutions.

“While we have closed institutions and people with intellectual disability are living in distinct social spaces, they are often isolated from other community members,” said Professor Bigby.

“To make real progress, community attitudes have to change and the Roundtable is a significant step,’ she said.

‘Of particular interest will be the questions whether community participation is feasible for all people with intellectual disability and what are the obstacles,’ said Professor Bigby.

The roundtable will be attended by senior staff from government, non government and philanthropic organisations as well as academics and independent commentators.

This year’s theme is ‘More than Community Presence: Strategies to Achieve Community Participation for People with Intellectual Disability’.

The keynote presentation will be delivered by Dr Jenifer Clegg, Associate Professor & Hon Consultant Clinical Psychologist University of Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

Other speakers include Dr Paul Ramcharan from RMIT University, Daniel Leighton from Jewish Care, Wendy Shanks from Shepparton Access, Cath McNamara from VCASP, Professor Christine Bigby and Dr Patsie Frawley from La Trobe. Posters will be presented on self advocacy and inclusion by the Reinforce History group and by annecto the people network on building community.   

The Roundtable will pose questions such as:
•    How can community participation be understood for people with intellectual disability?
•    How similar or different are these obstacles for people with intellectual disability from those experienced by other impairment groups?
•    What strategies have been successful in supporting participation?
•    Are more differentiated and targeted strategies required to implement    policies of social participation for people with intellectual disability?
•    What is the role of self advocacy in furthering social participation?

Media inquiries:

Professor Christine Bigby
Director of Postgraduate Programs
School of Social Work and Social Policy
LaTrobe University
Vic, 3086, Australia

Ph 03 94791016  Mob:0438602264





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