Health warning for footy fans

Footy fever can be a health hazard if you don’t watch what you eat or where you are going, a public health expert warns today.

Handpassing a footballDr Cameron Earl, a lecturer in Public Health at La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus, says ‘Footy finals are full of surprising challenges which can make or break the experience.’

‘Being in a large crowd is problematic, with the potential for people to being caught up in fast, uncontrolled movement or being crushed against a closed gate, railings or walls’.

Dr Earl says common sense should dictate but doesn’t always in a heady atmosphere.

‘Be patient, follow directions and ask for help if you need it: it sounds common sense and it is, but too often common sense flies out of the window in such situations,’ says Dr Earl.

And alcohol?

‘Drink responsibly if you have to drink at all, rehydrate with water regularly and look out for your mates,’ he suggests.

Dr Earl warns that footy fans who do drink should remember that their blood alcohol level can continue to rise after stopping drinking.

His top four tips for a safe and good game:

•    Get to the stadium early
•    Find a seat
•    Become familiar with the nearest exits, toilets, food outlets and
•    Enjoy the game.

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