Freshwater researchers scoop awards

Freshwater researchers scoop awards

23 Oct 2009

The successful ongoing relationship between The Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre (MDFRC) and La Trobe’s Albury-Wodonga campus was highlighted at the 2009 Congress of the Australian Society for Limnology, where staff connected to both institutions won three of the four major awards.

Limnology AwardsThe Australian Society for Limnology (ASL) is an Australian–based scientific society whose focus is the study and management of inland waters. Members have a strong professional interest in inland aquatic issues, including the maintenance of biodiversity, the maintenance and/or restoration of water quality, and the wise use of aquatic resources. Approximately 250 delegates attended the 2009 Congress, held at the Alice Springs Convention Centre from 28th September to 2nd October.

The MDFRC and La Trobe’s Department of Environmental Management and Ecology work collaboratively and independently on a wide range of research projects associated with freshwater ecology, river health and water resource management.

Dr Terry Hillman, currently Adjunct Professor at La Trobe Albury-Wodonga and former Director of MDFRC from 1993 to 2001, was awarded the ASL Medal at the Congress dinner. This Medal, commemorating Hilary Jolly [a founding member of the ASL], is presented to a person who in the opinion of the Society, has made an outstanding contribution to Australian limnology. The ASL Medal has become ASL's, and arguably Australia's, most prestigious prize in limnology, considered by members to indicate overall scientific excellence and outstanding achievement.

The ASL Medal is awarded where an outstanding contribution to Australian limnology can be demonstrated by any or all of the following: Research excellence, Education and/or communication excellence, and Management excellence.

Janice Williams, a PhD candidate at La Trobe Albury-Wodonga won the Best Oral Presentation from a PhD or Masters student for her talk on “The importance of fungi in the food webs of floodplain wetlands”. Janice is co-supervised by Gavin Rees and Darren Baldwin (MDFRC) and Phil Suter and Ewen Silvester (La Trobe University).

The Best Oral Presentation from an Honours student was awarded to Stephanie Suter who spoke on “Aquatic fungi in an alpine stream of south-eastern Australia”. Stephanie completed her Environmental Management and Ecology Honours degree in May 2009 and was co-supervised by Roger Croome (La Trobe University) and Gavin Rees (MDFRC). Stephanie is currently working at the MDFRC on a project that is examining flooding and the health of floodplain forest soils.


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