Fast track option for education students

Fast track option for education students

01 Dec 2009

La Trobe University’s Faculty of Education at Bendigo has moved to give teacher graduates an edge, announcing a new fast track option that will enable them to qualify and gain registration to teach up to four months earlier than most traditional teaching courses.

Teacher and childLa Trobe University course coordinator, Dr Craig Deed, said the option would be available for the first time to students studying the Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) from 2010.

‘This means that students who take up the fast track option could be teaching in schools as early as October next year rather than having to wait until the start of the following school year.

‘This is an innovative approach that will give Bendigo students an edge in the workforce, enabling them to earn income sooner and start their careers as teachers.’

Dr Deed said the faculty was not reducing the amount of face-to-face teaching hours to accommodate the fast track option.

‘In fact we are actually increasing the amount of hours by making the course more intense in the middle of the year. We will be running a two-week Winter School in June, which will cover a whole range of teaching issues, themes and assessment tasks to build students’ skills in numeracy and literacy, diversity, inclusivity, ICT and sustainability.’

‘Students do not have to take up the fast track option. They can opt in or out of it at any time or do the full-year four-term course if they choose.’

He said the faculty had surveyed this year’s cohort of students and some 80% indicated they would have taken up the fast track option.

‘Many of our students are offered jobs as a result of their practical placements in schools throughout the year. If they can qualify earlier it means they can take up those job offers sooner, and start earning income and orientating themselves in their new schools.

‘This is also a bonus for schools because it means our students can start straight away or pick up casual or part-time jobs while they wait for a full time position.’

Dr Deed said the faculty was not aware of any other institute offering this type of fast track option.

‘It is the university’s response to the changing needs of students and schools. Many students are willing to undertake more intense study if it means they can gain paid employment earlier rather than having to sit out of work through December and January waiting for the new school year to begin.’

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