Climate Change 101: The issues explained

Climate Change 101: The issues explained

03 Dec 2009

Australian academics contribute to an audio documentary to discuss the state of our planet.

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Climate change is currently a hot topic, and with the Copenhagen conference imminent, La Trobe University has sought a way to increase the accuracy of knowledge on the issues and stakes that are at hand.

La Trobe University has produced its first half hour audio documentary, working with contributions from some of it’s academic staff and guests from other universities, to discuss different aspects of the problem of climate change.

The project covers the science, diplomacy, politics and business aspects of climate change, as well as offer hope and a way to move forward.


Dr Ben Kear, Paleontologist, La Trobe University
“Human activity is certainly accentuating the processes we have today.  It’s infantile to suggest that we don’t have an impact on our environment.”

Dr Andrew Glikson, paleoclimate scientist, Australian National University
“We have truly run out of time for any slow mitigation efforts.”

Prof Tim Flannery, leading Australian environmentalist
“We are individuals imbedded inextricably within the living matrix of our Earth. And the things that we do have a big impact on Earth, cumulatively.”

Prof Carol Adams, Deputy Dean, Law and Management, La Trobe University
“I think the now translation of carbon management into dollars has made a big difference to corporate behaviour and attention to their climate change impacts.”

Prof Clive Hamilton, Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University
“Whilst not many people reject the science, there are a lot of people who would like to believe that the science is exaggerated.”

David Spratt, author, Climate Code Red
“It’s not these things are technologically impossible, it’s not that they are economically impossible, it’s just that we lack political will.”

Prof Joseph Camilleri, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University
“To what extent is each person individually prepared to hold major decision makers to account for the decisions they are making?”

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