Art installation- a place for reflection

Visitors to La Trobe University’s Visual Arts Centre in View Street will experience a place that comments on spiritual or religious reflection, when the Towards a Quinta Essentia exhibition opens on Saturday 16 May.

Artist-in-residence, Ms Lyn Plummer, has created an installation for this gallery that symbolises different spiritual and religious traditions.

The title of the exhibition reflects a search for the fifth element (Quinta Essentia) thought to compose the celestial bodies, and comprises an installation made from various media including gold and silver leafed wall pieces, embroidered hoops and salt shapes.

‘The installation represents spiritual and religious traditions from ancient times through to the modern day. The symbols have overlapping meanings across religious and spiritual beliefs depending on whether the viewer is interested in ancient symbolic belief systems, more prominent mainstream religions, or in new age philosophies,’ Ms Plummer said.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is a red, transparent Caduceus (the Rod of Mercury), suspended in the space from an architectural cross, which is formed by the beams of the building’s roof and accentuated by the lighting track and salt shapes on the floor of the gallery.

These are combined with a number of wall pieces. One is a giant red, gold and silver Hexagon based on Islamic and Christian patterning. The other is the full halo (Vesica Piscis) flanked by two columns and their shadows, which form architectural spaces on the gallery walls. These reflect the Corinthian columns of the Capital Theatre opposite.

Ms Plummer will present a public lecture at the Visual Arts Centre at 6pm on Wednesday, 20 May, when she will share her observations from the Easter parades that she attended in Andalucia, Spain during Holy Week during Holy Week in 2006, while on a month long visit there. 

The exhibition at the Visual Arts Centre runs from 16 May to 14 June 2009. For more information, visit  

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