Advanced digital photography LTU Mildura

The difference between an amateur and professional photographer is becoming minimal, thanks to the advancement and accessibility of digital photography.

camera La Trobe University’s Mildura campus is hosting a weekend of ‘photo speak,’ and is inviting all local professional and amateur photographers alike to attend. It costs $310 for adults, and $100 for students and will run on the 2 and 3 May, from 9.30 am - 4.30 pm.

The workshop will be hosted by Les Walking, who has been teaching photography for 30 years. He is widely regarded as a visionary who has pioneered rigorous programs in the education of this new digital phenomenon.

The workshop is specifically designed for photographers and artists relatively new to the world of digital imaging and will detail each stage of digital production, while providing a sophisticated guide to what is involved, what is possible and what is required.

Photographers from all over Australia and New Zealand, both professional and non-professional, attend Les’ courses to update  their skills and also to make new friendships, collaborations and networks with other people who are passionate about photography.

Many cultural and technological changes have taken place in the field of fine art and commercial photography, and for sixteen years Les Walkling has been teaching programs in categories covering the principles of digital photography, working with digital SLR cameras, image processing and establishing digital imaging facilities. His workshop will cover this evolution of digital photography to help users adopt these changes into  their own digital practice.

Best known for his Centre for Contemporary Photography workshops that span seven weekends, Les has specifically tailored this course as a one-off weekend especially for La Trobe University. It will be presented as a comprehensive self-contained body of knowledge, creatively adapted to individual needs along the way.

“My overall aim is to assist the individual not only to understand, but also to be able to work with the knowledge according to his or her own needs and aspirations,” Les said.

The course will cover:

•    Practical, ‘hands-on’ demonstrations, from image capture and processing to digital printing and web galleries. While it is not essential to own a digital SLR camera, those who do are encouraged to bring it with them on the Saturday. Participants might also enrol in this course to help them decide which equipment best meets their needs, and/or as an introduction to more advanced studies. You will also walk away with detailed course notes to assist in the continuation of your learning.

•    The workshop will be delivered through studio-based demonstrations, analytical investigations, practical applications, interaction and hands-on experimentation in a focused but entertaining manner. Les actively facilitates discussion and analysis of the material being covered, along with aspects of photographic history and theory.

La Trobe is very excited to be hosting such a unique opportunity to the Mildura community, to participate in the weekend workshop, please call (03) 5051 4000 or visit the front office at La Trobe University on Benetook Avenue, Mildura to enrol.

For more information about signing up to this course, call:

Danielle Hobbs 0400 687 986

To make a booking call:

La Trobe Mildura Reception: (03) 5051 4000

For media enquiries:

Mikhaela Delahunty
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